Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog Posting Rates: 6 Things to Consider Before Lowering Your Rate

The post I wrote today over at, my regular Wednesday blogging gig, was inspired by yesterday's post here.

Blogging for Pay: How to Know When/If You Should Lower Your Rates

The topic is blogging rates. In yesterday's post, I answered a question an SEO article writer sent me regarding clients who wanted her to lower her rates. That post was entitled How to Respond to Clients Who Want You to Change Your Rates for Steady Work.

On the heels of that, one of my recently acquired clients that I write blog posts for requsted a lower rate on an ongoing blog posting gig. So, I thought it was a good time to share the guidelines I follow when trying to determine if /when I should lower my blog posting rates. Read this post at Blog Posting Rates: 6 Things to Consider Before Lowering Your Rate.

I've Written It, Am Doing It & Have Proven that My Formula for SEO Writing Success Can Be Duplicated

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Don't forget to check out the freelance writing job leads below.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Freelance Writing Job Leads from's Marketplace
Note about Writing for Helium
: I signed up here a few months ago. I submitted two articles just to get some search engine juice. They don't pay for articles up front like, EXCEPT the Marketplace (you have to sign up to be eligible for these assignments).

What is Helium's Marketplace? The Marketplace is where publishers list assignments they need and writers submit them. The best one from among the bunch is chosen. I haven't take on one of these assignments, but have done some research and many freelance writers have found great success here. The pay from some is very good, usually from a low of $10 on up to $200 bucks! Not bad, IF your article is chosen. It's just another freelance writing outlet you might want to try, especially if you're just starting out. Learn about Helium's Marketplace here.

Article on Attention Deficit Disorder, 400-500 words, $10

Solutions to Abdominal Pain, 400-500 words, $20

Side Effects of Brith Control, 400-500 words, $20

Dealing with Dementia, 400-500 words, $20

What is a colonoscopy, 400-500 words, $20

What is Gout, 400-500 words, $20

Karaoke Wedding Memories, 400-500 words, $20

How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility, 400-500 words, $20

There are tons more listed there to. There are deadlines for submission, so check these listings out before they're all gone.

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