Friday, April 11, 2008

Freelance Writing Job: URGENT Need for SEO Article Writers ($15 each)

Where's Yuwanda? Snowed under! I need two or three writers who can do 2-3 of the articles listed below by 5pm EST today. $15/each paid via PayPal on Monday.

Following are the keyword phrases:

Edmonton Wedding Photographer (500 words)
Edmonton Bridal Fantasy (words)
Edmonton Bridal Fair (500 words)
Edmonton Limo (500 words)
Calcium Chloride Supplier (500 words)
Calcium Chloride (500 words)
Calcium Chloride Pellets (500 words)
Liquid Calcium Chloride (500 words)

There’s no particular topic matter; they can be on any subject about the phrase you want. BUT the keyword phrase must be used at least 10 times in the copy (client likes a 3-5% density, and using the keyword 10 times in a 500-word article will achieve that).

I would prefer two people to do four each, but if you can only do one or two, that's fine.

If you don’t understand SEO writing, eg, keyword density, keyword phrase, etc., please don’t respond as I unfortunately have no time to explain it. I need to turn these around quickly.

You MUST have a PayPal account, as that's how I pay. Remember, you will be paid for these on Monday (could be this weekend, as I invoice on Fridays and clients usually deposit the funds in my account on Saturday or Sunday).

TO Apply: Send all correspondence to info at Put "SEO Article Writer" in the subject line so I can get to it quickly.

HIRING COMPETENT SEO WRITERS: FYI, I'm in the market for up to 10 more freelance SEO writers I can work with on a regular basis who can do 20-40 articles/week. My business is expanding rapidly, so I'm looking for skilled, RELIABLE writers. Most of the work is 500-word SEO articles, and the pay is $15-$25/article (most are $15). Most need to be turned around in 48 hours. You'll usually be given batches of 5-10 articles at a time.

I'm also looking for freelancers who can write press release and do blog postings, usually 5-10 posts/week of 150-250 words. Please send me your rates for each of these services as I'm just in the info gathering stage on these.

FYI, did you catch the latest blog postings? While you're here, why not catch up on some reading. Some really good info can be found in the two most recent posts that are releveant to the times we're in now, ie, Why Freelance Writing Jobs are Plentiful Right Now and Why a Recession is a Great Time to Start a Freelance Writing Career.

Normal posting will resume next Tuesday. What a week it's been -- whew!

Editorially yours,
Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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