Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Respond to Clients Who Want You to Change Your Rates for Steady Work

Last week, I received the following email from a freelance writer who bought my ebook on SEO writing, was landing clients at one rate (after only a couple of weeks of marketing), and wondered if she should go lower for this one client who promised steady work.

She wrote:

Hi Yuwanda, I received the following response to one of my marketing emails from an SEO company. I thought I was pretty bargain basement at $20 when I have no experience. I've been marketing for a couple of weeks, and I've already gotten a couple of clients so far (emphasis added) so I'm not willing to work for these rates; I don't think I need to. But I'm wondering how I should respond to him at this point? Could he be just testing to see if I'll bite? Thanks BL


Hello BL, Thanks for getting in touch with me. We are currently working with a writer team that offers a lower price. ($10 per 500 word article). So far we have been happy with the quality of the work. If you can lower your fees we might be able to send you some work in the future. Thanks

Read my response here. Don't forget to check out the freelance writing job leads below.

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Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Freelance Writing Jobs from the Public Request Section of Constant-Content.com (read more about this here).

Title: Looking for short articles
Description: I\'m looking for monthly short articles about how we can help change the environment (go green) and eco-friendly products. I\'d like a column in my magazine each month. Also looking for a \"Lifestyle\" and \"Health\" column each week.
Price: $10-20
Article amount: monthly
Content length: short
Subjects: see above
Notes: I\'m starting an online magazine and need help with editorial. Anyone that\'s interested in helping I could sure use the help. Hope to hear from you soon!

Title: Sun safe Tips
Description: Protecting yourself in the desert sun and staying active.
Price: $50-100
Article amount: 2-3
Content length: 1,200 to 1,500
Subjects: Summer Heatlh tips in the Sun Summer Sun and your skin Health Tips for summer
Notes: Upbeat and fun, but informative

Title: Know your credit score to negotiate better boat loan
Description: Titles: Know your credit score to negotiate better boat loan Buying a boat? Check your Credit Score Talk about how useful it is to know your Credit Score and monitor your credit history before making any financial decision, especially boat buying. Knowing your credit score and credit report detail will help boat buyers to negotiate better boat loan with dealers and boat loan professionals. Boat loan professionals look at the following in your credit report • Payment history • Credit score • Debt amount • Bankruptcies If you are looking to buy a boat immediately, and for the best price possible, obtaining a credit report before you start shopping is a must. In the middle and in the end of the article mention about free Credit Score and 30 day free trial credit monitoring. Use it to receive detailed report and see who viewed your report recently. Get your free credit report and score in seconds at GoFreeCredit.com
Price: $10-20
Article amount: 2-3
Content length: 150-250
Subjects: Write the article with informational approach not with advertising approach. Article will be placed on OceanList.com and will be talking about importance or why it is useful to know your credit score.
Notes: The audience consist of boat buyer, boat dealers, etc.

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