Thursday, April 03, 2008

How to Handle Clients Who Leave Projects "Hanging in the Wind"

When clients leave projects half finished, or hanging in the wind as I like to call it, it costs you money. Following is what I'm going through with a current client – and how I’m handling it.

As a side note, if you’re a regular reader of this blog you may think, “Wow, she complains about her clients a lot.” Like any other relationship, I have my trying times with clients, but for the most part they are nice, easy and very pleasant to work with.

I recount my difficulties here so that others can learn from them, and so that I can receive feedback from how other freelances have handled this situation. That being said, here’s my story.

Placing the Bid and Landing the Project

This client contacted me about a week and a half ago and asked me to bid on a project. They wanted three pages of SEO-optimized copy for a technical recruiting website. I sent in my bid and it was accepted on a Friday.

I told him that I could have the pages back to him the following Wednesday, if they provided me with requested materials (eg, client questionnaire, previous copy, etc.).

They sent everything in a timely manner (except the keyword list), and I sent the copy a day early, a Tuesday. I knew we would have to go another pass because the client had yet to decide on his main keywords, which I asked for when I sent in the copy on that Tuesday. I thought it would take a day or so for my client to get it to me.

After I sent him the copy, I didn’t hear anything for three days, at which time I emailed him to remind him what I needed and to ask when he thought we could wrap the project up. He emailed me back 24 hours later – and it wasn’t what I expected.

Read the rest here.

What's Coming Up Next Week

Tuesday’s Post: Three times this week I’ve dealt with the fee/rate/cost question. In Tuesday’s post, I’ll detail how I got what I wanted all three times.

Next Wednesday: I haven't decided what I'm going to talk about on on Wednesday (this is my cool weekly blogging gig). Something will come to me; it always does.

Next Thursday: A sad tale from a freelancer who got scammed on GetAFreelancer. I’ll give some warning signs to look out for so it doesn’t happen to you.

Yippee -- the weekend’s almost here! Over the weekend, want to learn how to make at least $250/day writing simple 500-word SEO articles? Read how here.

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Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Kaizen Consulting Blog said...

Thank you for the helpful insight

Deborah said...

Thanks for posting this. I am currently having the exact same problem (on a different type of project). I was asked to write blog entries and was told I'd have a keyword list that evening. The next day I followed up for the keyword list and the client came back with additional questions about services I could provide. He said he's have the keywords to me that evening (Friday). Today is Monday and I just got the list, but he wants the first batch of blog posts ASAP.

Also, thanks for confirming that it's ok to share negative experiences as well as the positive!

Yuwanda Black said...

Kaizen Consulting, you're welcome.

Deborah, you are welcome as well. Doesn't it just drive you nuts when you try to set your schedule to meet ALL of your deadlines, onlyto have one client mess it all up by wanting that last order "right away or as soon as you can get it to me." Arrrggghhhhh!

But, professionals that we are, we soldier on. And to think, some writers don't even make a decent wage. We earn every penny!