Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do You Have the Balls to Be a Freelance Writer?

I am not a guru!

I woke up feeling a little frustrated ths morning. About what? I've gotten four inquiries in the last day and a half about how to start a freelance writing career. Three were from those who had even gone so far as to write samples and put up websites, but hadn't started to market yet.

What are you waiting for!

This frustrates me b/c I spend so much time writing and dispensing information about how to be a succesful freelance writer (ahem, the name of this blog and it's accompanying website). BUT, I'm not a guru. I'm not a shrink. I'm not a career counselor. I can't hold your hand. I have my own work to do.

You're grown, probably highly educated, no doubt skilled -- I can't baby sit you through your fears. So, that was the impetus for the post Do You Have the Balls to Be a Freelance Writer or Blogger?

Have a PARTICULAR client question or problem, yeah, I can probably help. A basic "I'm scared to get started" query. You're on your own. I'm way too busy.

And if this sounds harsh, then understand where I'm coming from.

Poverty: The Great Motivator

I grew up poor -- loving family, extremely supportive -- but we were poor. I never felt poor though b/c my parents always told me I could do anything I wanted -- as long as I got an education and worked hard (which I've done and do). This gave me a rich spirit'; a belief in myself.

I get frustrated when asked simple questions from readers, because it's like, "Are you kidding me? If you spent five seconds researching this you can find it out on your own."

The Internet Is Your Friend When Starting a Business

Every business I've ever started -- and there've been quite a few -- I've done all the "unpaid" background research myself. It's how I discover 95% of what I know (for better or worse).

Take SEO writing for example. Nobody taught me. I spent hours (and still do) reading about it. What is meta tag writing? I researched it. What is social media marketing? Thanks Google for enlightening me.

My point? While I may consult those who are doing what I want to do, I don't insult them by asking basic questions that minimal online research can answer.

I ask targeted questions after doing extensive research on my own. This lets the "guru" I'm consulting know that I've put in time and effort -- so as not to waste their time and effort. This lets them know I'm serious. Hence, they are much more likely to take time from their busy schedules to help.

Scared of What?

As for addressing any fears I have, I just don't even let that enter my head. Maybe it's a personality quirk, maybe it's how I was raised or a combination of the two. But fear is an emotion I just don't entertain when it comes to business.

Do I get scared? Yes. But, what scares me more is not challenging myself. For it's when you challenge yourself that you wring the joy, the passion, the drive out of life. And, THIS is living. NOT sitting in some corner second guessing myself.

I'm no wallflower!

Did I Offend You?

If I've offended some, sorry. Don't stop by again. If I've lit a fire under some -- great! That's the whole point of this post. If I've scared you -- then your challenge is to address that fear. It's not about my words -- it's something that's inside you that my words hit upon. Drag it out into the daylight and deal with it so you can live the fullest life possible.

Now, I have a TON of work to get to today. And if you want to start a freelance writing career where your days are filled with tons of work -- get to it!

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rd7 said...

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