Thursday, December 04, 2008

Legitimate Freelance Writing Jobs Website?

Two things today dear readers: (i) a website where freelancers can make money (maybe); and (ii) I’m kinda pissed at you guys. Let’s get to number ii first.

Why I’m Kinda Pissed at You Guys!

And I say the following with the utmost love, of course.

In the last issue of Inkwell Editorial’s freelance writing newsletter, I talked about how I was suspending publication for a while because I needed to focus more on my new fast-growing SEO writing company. And, just when I do that, how do you respond? By writing in imploring me not to stop publishing it b/c it’s been such a great help, so inspiring, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Usually, you guys aren't so vocal. So I guess a lot of you really are reading the newsletter. What’s a girl to do!

Get the Inside Scoop on How Much Can You Really Make?

I was going to suspend publication until the spring, but I have three great interviewees lined up so come January, the newsletter will be out again. January’s issue will give us the inside scoop on

I interview freelancer Lisa Sanderson. She’s been using for a few years now. I like firsthand information, so I’m curious to see what she has to say about the site. I’ve been wondering about it for a while because I receive a lot of content requests from them – and they seem to pay a bit more than the article mill rates you find on a lot of freelance writing job sites.

Lisa's info should help you to make a decision as to whether or not the site would work for you.

Legitimate Freelance Writing Jobs Website?

I ran across in some web surfing and was wondering if anybody had any experience with it. It seems legit. They have work-from-home jobs for all kinds of professionals, including writers. For writers, the site says that you can make $5-$40 hour and that “writers work across many sectors …. and assignments come regularly.”

Learn more about ClicknWork freelance writing jobs. AND, don’t forget, if you have experience with this site, let me know (info *at* I’d like to feature you in an interview in an upcoming issue of the newsletter.

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