Monday, December 15, 2008

Need a Belly Laugh this Monday Afternoon?

I recently joined Twitter, just in case you're new here and didn't know. And, this one blog I discovered via joining has made it all worth while. I wish I could be this funny and nasty at the same time -- and have people get it without being ultra offended (a little part of you is probably gonna be a little offended with every post from this blogger).

If you're kinda morally straightlaced and are easily offended, then don't click through. But if you like a real, coffee squirting through the nose, funny a** read that catches you off guard every time, then this blog is a must read.

The woman is simply brilliant in my book. Rock on Bloggess!

Wanna appear on this blog? Submit a guest post.

Nothing more than that to say today dear readers. Hope y'all (yep, I'm southern) had a good weekend.

Contact: info *at*
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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You totally made me smile and I can't tell you how much I needed that today.

Yuwanda Black said...

Right back at ya Bloggess. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I NEEDED your humor today. You will truly never know how much.