Monday, June 18, 2007

3 Ways Googling Your Name Can Lead to Cash

Googling your name can lead to cash – and other goodies. How? In the following three ways:

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1. Projects: I’ve received a few projects from Googling my name. How? When I Google my name, depending on why my name appears on a certain site, I’ll propose a referral relationship with the webmaster.

For example, say I Google my name and find one of my articles on a web designer’s site. I’ll approach the web designer, asking them to use me as content provider for their web site clients.

Some web designers don’t provide copy for websites; others do. Either way, approaching them can work in your favor because web designers who don’t provide copy usually refer clients to freelance writers. And, web designers who do provide the content usually farm it out to freelance writers.

So, if the web designer likes your work enough to have it on his/her site, it’s almost like a warm referral. Sending a brief email like the following will do:

Dear Webmaster:

My article, How to Find the Perfect Web Designer, is listed in the “Articles” section on your site. As you enjoyed the article, I wanted to make you aware of my services as a web content provider.

With 14+ years of experience as a freelance copywriter, I provide top-notch, on-time copy to a wide variety of clients. I specialize in the small business, real estate and mortgage sectors, but write across a wide spectrum. For samples of my writing, view my online portfolio at

First-time clients receive a discount, and references are provided on request.

Continued success with your business, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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NOTE: In every correspondence, use a P.S. Why? According to the article, Effective Database Marketing, on

Readership studies of conventional letters show that after the headline and the hook in the first paragraph, the postscript is more read than any other part of the letter. It should be used to emphasize one of your product or service's strongest benefits, a deadline, or some other critically important aspect of your offer. Have it in bold or underlined, so that it will stand out.

2. Reviews of your products: Many times when you Google your name, you will find it on other blogger’s sites, other freelance writer’s sites, etc. In cases like this, you can approach the site owner for a book review, for example.

Say you publish an e-book and are in the beginning stages of marketing it. Reviews and testimonials are instrumental in getting sales. Send the site owner a free copy of your e-book and ask them to review it for you. Many won’t, some will.

You can use the feedback to either: (i) implement changes; and/or (ii) as a testimonial (with the reviewer’s permission, of course).

3. Build Web Presence: Finally, a passive way to achieve traffic to your site, over time, is to comment on other’s blogs, websites, etc.

For example, if a site owner has referenced one of your articles, or mentioned your site, write in to thank them and/or provide additional insight. Leaving your name, signature line and link to your site builds your web presence, which, over time, leads to more sales of your product/service.

There are billions of websites on the Internet. Getting noticed is extremely difficult. Googling your name and leveraging those contacts who already know about you can go a long way to increasing your income.

Good luck!
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Laura said...

These are great tips! Thank you. I wasn't aware of the P.S. factor. I wish I'd read this earlier today. I just sent off a proposal without a P.S.

Inkwell Editorial said...

You're welcome Laura. As for the P.S., now that you know, you can make it a regular part of your marketing correspondence. :-)

Anonymous said...

There aren't billions of web sites, but there are billions of web pages.

Inkwell Editorial said...


You're absolutely right. My point was, the web is a very crowded place -- more so every day. Thanks for the correction.