Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How to Name Your Newsletter for Maximum Profit & Subscriber Signup (Part II of II)

In yesterday’s post, we discussed two stumbling blocks you may come across when trying to name your newsletter.

Here, we will discuss two more stumbling blocks, how to overcome them, and how to tell when a name is right. Here goes:

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c) Another Stumbling Block: Falling in love with a name that doesn’t fit. I started to name the newsletter This Freelance Writing Life. I also thought of calling it simply, The Inkwell Editorial Newsletter, which was the name of Inkwell Editorial’s last newsletter.

The reason I decided against This Freelance Writing Life is that while it was somewhat catchy and had “freelance writing” in the title, it didn’t speak to the “what” of the freelance writing life.

The lesson here: The name should clue potential subscribers into what the newsletter is about – in as specific a way as possible.

d) Another Stumbling Block: Branding your brand or attracting new subscribers. The reason I decided against naming the newsletter The Inkwell Editorial Newsletter is that it would fail to attract new subscribers.

While the name mentioned my company, Inkwell Editorial – which is important – those who didn’t know about Inkwell Editorial would have no idea what the newsletter was about. Thus, I’d have to work harder to attract new subscribers.

The lesson here: An effective name should do both – further your brand AND attract new subscribers.

The name How to Start a Successful Freelance Career will attract subscribers who know nothing about Inkwell Editorial – because their interest is peaked by the subject matter, which the title clues them in to.

How to Determine When Your Newsletter’s Name is “Right”

Perhaps the number one thing to remember when you are trying to come up with a name is to think of your prospects’ wants, needs and problems.

Don’t think of your newsletter as “your publication,” think of it as a solution to problems for a specific group. And, in simple terms, what “one liner” would clue them into what your newsletter is all about.

Many times, a name will just fit – you’ll know it in your gut. Following the advice above will put you well on your way to choosing an effective, profitable name for your newsletter.

Sometimes, a name may not be one you’re crazy about. But, it will be one that will increase your profits and enlarge your subscriber list – which, if you write for profit, should be your main goal.

Good luck!
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