Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Newsletter Profits: How to Find Experts to Interview for Your Newsletter

I recently relaunched my company's newsletter, How to Start a Successful Freelance Career.

One of the reasons I initially stopped publishing the newsletter was because I wanted to revamp it. A major change I wanted to make was to providing more first-hand information -- from more than just myself.

I think one of the best ways to learn something is to ask someone who is already doing that exact thing. So, my logic behind revamping the newsletter was to include more industry experts, success stories, "How I did it" insight, etc.

All of this being said, I knew that I was going to have to find appropriate professionals to interview. Following are three ways to find experts to interview for your newsletter (or website, or ebook, etc.).

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3 Ways to Find Experts to Interview for Your Newsletter

Hit the Web: Of course, this is the first place to go. The web offers a variety of ways to find excellent interviewees. Employing the suggestions below, you will never run out of experts to interview.

On a side note, I often wonder how anything got done before the internet. Can you imagine being a freelance writer without the internet? But, I digress.

General Search: You may be thinking, "Go to the web and do what?" Well, if you have no clear-cut path, start with the title of the professional you want to interview.

For example, as my newsletter focuses on creative freelancers, my targets are freelance writers, graphic designers, editors, illustrators, web designers, playwrights, etc.

So, my Google search may include phrases like "freelance writer"; "freelance graphic designer"; "freelance web designer"'; etc.

Then, simply start visiting the websites of those who pop up and contact them, asking if they are willing to be interviewed in your newsletter.

Forums: Forums are another great place to find experts to interview in your newsletter. That's how I found the interviewee for the premiere version of my newly relaunched newsletter, Michelle L. Devon of AccentuateServices.com.

I came across Michelle's post about how she'd started her freelance career with Elance.com, raking in $10,000 in one year from this job site alone. This allowed her to go on to build a successful career as a writer, editor, novelist, etc.

Freelancers who participate in forums tend to be very good interviewees because they often give in-depth information and analyses. This is probably because they like, and are accustomed to, sharing and exchanging information.

Comments Section of Websites: Look in the feedback section (if there is one) of websites you frequent and click on the hyperlinks of those who've left comments.

This is a good place to find quality interviewees because: I) they obviously have opinions they want to share; and ii) they're probably interested in, and know about the same things you're interested in (after all, you found them on a site you frequent).

First-hand Information Leads to Newsletter Profits

The internet puts first-hand information literally right at your fingertips. Use it to create a must-read publication your subscribers will depend on. This opens up several revenue streams for you as an online entrepreneur.

Good luck if you decide to give it a go.

TOMORROW'S POST: Now that you know why interviewing experts leads to profits, find out what to go about effectively interviewing them. Tomorrow's post will cover 3 areas you should touch on when interviewing experts for your newsletter.

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