Monday, June 25, 2007

Turn Website Reviews into Easy Cash - FREE Website Review Template for Freelance Writers

On Friday, I published a Product Review Template here. I also created a Restaurant Review Template freelance writers can use to cut their writing time in half - and essentially double their income on these types of projects.

Here, I'll lay out a website review template, which will, hopefully, do the same thing. Marching on: The Website Review Template.

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I've only written one website review -- So, I'm going on limited experience here. But, as several ideas for other website reviews come to mind, following is the formula I'm going to follow:

Section I: Here, I list why I use the site and/or why I'm reviewing it. I don't like to review things I haven't used and/or am not extremely familiar with. For me, it's an ethics issue.

Nowadays, with more and more pay-for-review websites, blogs, etc. abounding, many do so. This is fine - if you come clean with your reader. After all, the beauty of a review is that the reviewer has some first-hand knowledge of the innerworkings of the product/service.

Section II: Features. What the product is, how it offers its service, the price, unique benefits, why it's better than XYZ site, etc. For example, in my review of, I write:

NameCheap makes it easy for you to transfer domain names - to and from - them. They describe how to enter server information for your hosts by giving easy-to-understand examples. If you're a non-techie, this is extremely helpful. And, the best part of this - it's extremely affordable, starting at $8.88 (the same price as registering a domain name).
What you choose to highlight about a product/service will depend on how/why you use it, so be sure to list some things you may not think are important.

A catch-all category like: "Other Features That May Interest You" will allow you to list two or three more things about a website that you've never even given a second thought to.

You may surprise yourself. Digging for this type of information may expand how you use a website.

Section III: Dislikes. Here you may list things you don't like about a site - as well as tips, hints, advice, and/or suggestions for the webmaster to consider. Most site owners love feedback - they practically beg for it - positive and negative.

Dislike Tip: When listing a dislike about a site, going outside of your scope of use is not advised simply because how can you write about something that you don't know about. However, feel free to offer tips and suggestions on things you'd like to see on a site.

This section is not for dislikes only - after all, you may have nothing bad to say about a site. So, suggestions on things you like to see added work well here.

Section IV: Conclusion. This section is optional, but I like to leave readers with an overall impression of my experience with the site in this section. A simple one or two-line paragraph works fine.

Eg, my wrap-up for the review I did: "All in all, a great site to register your domain name."

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