Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Freelance Writer Turned Beach Bum

The bikini's packed (ok, I packed a one-piece too in case the "stomach bulges set in), the braids are in and the pedicure's sandal perfect -- I'm headed for the beach folks!

A Freelance Vacation

This my first real vacation in a year and a half. I take little trips three or four times a year -- but this is a bonified, planned, I'm incommunicado trip with my fiance and some friends. I feel like a kid again!

When I get back, registration for the upcoming freelance writer's workshop will begin shortly thereafter.

I know we're all in summer mode now, but when you freelance, you must always be thinking ahead (today's little lesson).

I'll meet you back here on Monday, August 7th. In the meantime, enjoy my ramblings to date.

I hope you're enjoying your summer.

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Upcoming Features in Inkwell Editorial’s Newsletter

August 15: Meryl K. Evans. I tapped Meryl for an interview because she’s found success in the B2B niche. Meryl has written for some pretty notable clients, eg, PC Today, O’Reilly and Pearson to name a few.

This is where the real money in freelance writing is folks (B2B). I’m as anxious to see what she has to say as I hope you are!

September 12: Gordon Graham. We ring in the “editorial season” by interviewing Gordon Graham, aka “that white paper guy.” Gordon writes and edits white papers and case studies. He charges $90/hour just to edit a white paper and a minimum of $4,000 to produce a white paper from scratch.

Now, do you see why I had to interview him?! Most freelancers don’t even dream of making this type of money. I can’t wait for this interview.

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