Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to Become a Master Marketer (Part I of II)

None of us start out as master marketers – it’s an ongoing learning process. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and I have to laugh at some of the marketing techniques I’ve tried that didn’t work. BUT, with each failure, I learn something -- I tweak a procedure and give it another go.

In the upcoming freelance writing seminar in October, a great deal of it will focus on marketing – because this is the number one ingredient to achieving success as a freelancer.

The great thing about marketing is that there is never one right way to do anything. But, there are some consistent techniques that “Master Marketers” employ, which is why they’re so effective.

Here, we’ll examine three.

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3 Techniques Master Marketers Use to Become Successful

Single Message: Master marketers focus on a single message when they contact you.

I’m sure you’ve been to those one-page websites promoting a product. They are usually extremely long pages and give you reason after reason after reason why you should purchase their product.

To view some of these websites, go to and read browse through some of the products there. I did a quick search and clicked on a site for the Forum Equalizer.*

*I have no affiliation with this product whatsoever. I don’t even know what it does. I’m just using it as an example here.

Promoters on these sites don’t confuse you by trying to sell you two or three different things at one time. Their entire message is focused on getting you to purchase that one product.

While many offer add-ons (free software, a special report, free e-books, etc.), these are ancillary products that are usually offered FREE.

The lesson here: When marketing, don’t confuse the potential buyer by bombarding them with too many messages. Marketing experts agree that too many messages confuse potential buyer.

Confused buyers don’t purchase, the “wait until later,” or “try another source.” So, while you may be a great photographer in addition to being a heck of a writer, sell your prospect on your primary skill first – offer them your secondary skill as an “add on.”

Eg, I can write the piece on snowbound animals –and am also able to supply photographs along with it at your request.But, you may be thinking, “I can’t afford to marketing one thing at a time. My budget is limited.”

My response to that is – you can’t afford NOT to market one thing at a time. If you take a long-term view to your career, it is much cheaper – not to mention more effective – to market this way.

If you’re thinking that you’ll never survive long enough to make a real go of freelancing if you market this way, then perhaps freelancing full-time is not for you – right now. You can always start part-time. Once clients get to know you, you can sell them on your other skills.

Marketing Exercise: With the above in mind, go to a site like and design postcard to sell your freelance services. They have many templates you can use and it’s free. You only pay when you place an order and/or upload your own art.

Tomorrow’s Post: The other 2 things master marketers do that guarantee them success.
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