Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Turn Your Blog into an Effective Marketing Machine in 2 Easy Steps

In yesterday’s post, I discussed why I thought blogging for money is a waste of time for most freelance writers. Instead of worrying about making money from ads like Google’s Adsense program, focus your efforts on the following:

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A) Dispense Information: Use your blog to inform your readers about your niche. For example, most of my posts are about the business of freelance writing. I updated it almost daily – giving readers a chance to come back again and again.

3 Marketing Advantages of Consistent Blogging

i) It builds up a body of work: I can refer potential clients to my blog so they can get an idea of my writing style before hiring me. As my blog is over two years old, it showcases a significant amount of my work – more than enough for potential clients to judge my capabilities.

ii) It showcases you: Via my posts, subscribers glean an idea of what I’m like as a person. Consumers buy from those they know, like and trust. Regular readers get to know (and hopefully) like me a little bit more with each post.

Comfortability leads to likeability, which leads to trust and ultimately sales. Clients will rarely purchase from you the first time they encounter your product/service. But, if you’re “in their face” on a regular basis, they come to rely and depend on your advice, your insight, your suggestions, etc.
When the time comes for them to purchase the type of product/service you’re selling, all things like price being equal – you have a good chance of them purchasing from you.

iii) Opens up opportunities: I never dreamed when I started blogging that it would turn into what it has. I’ve been contacted for interviews, jobs (read how blogging led to an Editor-in-Chief’s job offer); and other business opportunities via my blog. You just never know who’s out there taking in your work – especially when it’s put out on such a consistent basis.

B) Create Your Own Product(s): I preach this lesson to freelancers on a continual basis. Whether you’re a freelance writer, freelance web designer, freelance photographer or freelance illustrator, in my humble opinion, it’s imperative that freelancers create their own products to sell.

This can be artistic t-shirts, a unique web design package, a pen line, a freelance writer’s gift basket boutique (something I’ve often thought of doing), etc.

While selling the products and services of others via affiliate programs can be lucrative, why not spend some time creating your own products to promote. When you consider that promoting a product – whether it’s yours or somebody else’s – takes a huge chunk of time and effort, why not put that into your own product?

Advice on Marketing Your Own Product/Service

Many freelancers shy away from this because they may not know what to create or how to sell it. BUT, everything you need to know about how to sell anything can be found online.

Start with the same techniques you use to promote yourself as a freelance writer, designer, graphic artists, photographer, etc.

Just to get you inspired, following are some links to freelancers who have turned their craft into profitable side ventures.

Profitable Side Ventures for Creative Freelancers

T-Shirts: The T-Shirts Guys (Writers, Cartoonists, Graphic Designers) at http://bigstonehead.net/about/faq/

Greeting Cards: The Freelance Photographer who also created a line of greeting cards sold at high-end retail stores. Visit her site here.

Self-Syndicated Column: The Freelance Writer Who Created a Column with a readership of over 2.2 million readers. Read about it here.
Ebooks & Seminars: In my case, I added ebook writing and seminar production to my income streams. To date, I’ve written six ebooks and one e-seminar. And, I’ll give a live seminar in October.

As you can see from these examples, how you apply your talent is up to you – the ways to make money from it are endless – but, you must become an efficient marketer to be successful at it.

TOMORROW’S POST: In tomorrow’s post, we’ll discuss some dynamics on how to become a “Master Marketer.”
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August 15: Meryl K. Evans. I tapped Meryl for an interview because she’s found success in the B2B niche. Meryl has written for some pretty notable clients, eg, PC Today, O’Reilly and Pearson to name a few.

This is where the real money in freelance writing is folks (B2B). I’m as anxious to see what she has to say as I hope you are!

September 12: Gordon Graham. We ring in the “editorial season” by interviewing Gordon Graham, aka “that white paper guy.” Gordon writes and edits white papers and case studies. He charges $90/hour just to edit a white paper and a minimum of $4,000 to produce a white paper from scratch.

Now, do you see why I had to interview him?! Most freelancers don’t even dream of making this type of money. I can’t wait for this interview.

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