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Master Marketing: 3 Techniques Successful Marketers Always Use (Part II of II)

In yesterday’s post, How to Become a Master Marketer (Part I of II), I discussed one thing master marketers do that guarantee them success.Today, we’ll discuss the two other things they do on a consistent basis that you should be doing in your marketing also.

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Get Proactive: Master marketers are proactive – they don’t wait for business to come to them, they go out and get it. How are they proactive?

Instead of waiting for people to sign up to their newsletter or ezine, they may invite them to join by sending them the initial email.Instead of putting on their direct mail piece, “Call me when you have the need for our type of product/service,” they may write, “I will follow up with you in approximately 7-10 days to see how I can be of service to your organization.”

Instead of hoping a prospect will call for them to get their website done, they will re-design one page and send it to the prospect asking for the project.

Most of us are passive marketers. And yes, I fully include myself in this pool. We are so afraid of rejection – for whatever reason – that we don’t go the extra mile to get the business. Sure, we may send out our mailer, newsletter or e-zine, but that’s it.

Do you know how crowded inboxes and mailboxes are these days? According to the book Get Clients Now!: A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants, the average consumer is barraged with approximately 2,700 marketing messages a day.

Considering this, o get to the forefront, sometimes we have to literally push through the noise.

Case in Point: When I decided to relaunch Inkwell’s newsletter this past June, I decided that I was going to spend some time “actively” marketing it.

That’s when I came up with the idea to send the first issue out, along with the free article marketing e-book, Everything You Wanted to Know about Article Marketing: Results of a 30-day article marketing experiment.

Do you know I’ve only had one person unsubscribe from the newsletter (some will subscribe only for the freebie) out of all of the invites I’ve done so far, which total about 500?

Now, imagine if I invited 1,000, 3,000 or 5,000? How fast would my list grow? I currently have close to 17,000 subscribers on my list – a list I’ve cultivated over the last five years or so.

Getting proactive has grown it faster since June than it grew practically all of last year. To be fair, I wasn’t publishing the newsletter then, so subscribers trickled in for no apparent reason.But, proactivity pays.

Lesson here: Get proactive in your marketing efforts. With every marketing campaign you embark upon, ask yourself how you can be proactive, rather than passive.

Stay in Touch: Master Marketers don’t lose customers. Sure, customers may leave them, but it’s not because they weren’t staying in touch.

Remember, comfortability leads to likeability, which leads to trust and ultimately sales. Clients will rarely purchase from you the first time they encounter your product/service.

But, if you’re “in their face” on a regular basis, they come to rely and depend on your advice, your insight, your suggestions, etc. . . . When the time comes for them to purchase the type of product/service you’re selling, all things like price being equal – you have a good chance of them purchasing from you.

It almost doesn’t matter what you say to your customers (as long as you’re not insulting them, that is). Send a joke of the day, a link to an interesting article you think they’d enjoy, a reference to recent industry news, etc.

The lesson here: It’s simple -- just stay in contact. If you do these three things -- focus on a single message, get proactive in your marketing and stay in touch on a regular basis – no matter what type of marketing method you employ, you exponentially increase your chance for success.
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