Friday, October 03, 2008

Company Laying Off Workers Seeking Freelance Copy Editors and Editors

This week, I've written a few articles about how the recent bank failures, credit crisis and financial troubles on Wall Street is actually a good thing for freelance writers. Yesterday, I got a call from an old client that illustrates this point perfectly.

As many of you know, Inkwell Editorial was an editorial staffing agency in New York City (1996-2004). I used to recruit writers, editors, copy editors and other publishing professionals for all types of firms.

Company Laying Off Workers Seeking Freelance Copy Editors and Editors

Yesterday, I received a call from a Human Resources Director I worked with back in the late 90s (yep, they keep information on file for years). They're laying off a lot of workers (copy editors, editors and proofreaders), and she wanted to know if I could help them land new jobs.

I told her that I was no longer a recruiter, but a freelance writer myself. And, slipping into business mode, I pitched my services to her. She asked if I did editing and copy editing in addition to writing and I said, "Sure." She said that they still needed people to do copyediting and editing, even though they were laying off workers.

As I wrote in the article, Freelance Writers: Why the Current Credit Crisis Is a Good Thing for Your Career, "While companies are contracting, work still has to get done. And to whom do employers turn to get this work done? Temporary employees and/or freelancers."

I'll be sending her over some links to my website today, along with the name of a contact who may be able to help her find the laid off workers other positions. This is just a little food for thought, just in case you had any doubt about work being more bountiful now than ever for freelance writers.

So, get on your marketing and have a good weekend. FYI, you can get a head start by checking out How to Find Unpublished Freelance Writing Jobs.

BTW, next week, I'll be writing a tutorial on how to create "sticky" clients (eg, make them want to use you over and over again). Stay tuned!

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