Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How to Create “Sticky” Clients and Make More Money

In my last post, I promised to write a tutorial on how to create sticky clients -- ie, clients who will want to use you over and over again. I posted it earlier today. It details 5 ways to land more freelance writing jobs by creating client loyalty.

Tomorrow over at BloggingTips.com, I'll talk about why it's important to brand yourself as a freelance writer, instead of spending your time branding freelance writing sites like AssociatedContent.com (AC), Helium.com, Hubpages.com and a host of others.

A lot of freelance writers do this. The idea for this article was inspired by a new freelance writer on AC who wrote me the following:

WOW! If Associated Content is the Wild West of the Internet, I've just struck gold in finding you. What a wealth of information. THANK YOU! I'm curious though why, on your InkwellEditorial.com website, you don't just create links to associatedcontent.com instead of writing your whole articles there so you can increase your views.

I'll explain why no freelance writer should do this -- in my humble opinion. Stay tuned!

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