Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Email -- $2,000 Worth of Work!

Before I get to the title of today's email, just want to let you know in case you've been following along that I wrapped up the unofficial six-part series on internet marketing over at today. I end it with a look at how to place a traffic-drawing, sales-increasing online ad.

Not the mechanics of it, mind you, but some concrete guidelines to keep in mind as you go about trying to figure out where to place an ad, for how long, how to write it, etc. I hope you've enjoyed this series.

One Email -- $2,000 Worth of Work!

I addressed the question of how to find freelance writing jobs in this post on yesterday. The comments to it really highlight what I've been saying all along, ie, "In spite of the economy, there is tons of work out there." Proof?

I did an e-blast to about 50 contacts on Monday and got in about $2,000 worth of work this week -- with several more "maybes" on other projects.

FYI, I rarely send eblasts to this many contacts. I usually do 1-5 contacts per day, but wanted to fulfill a "quota" since I'd been a little lax in marketing the last couple of weeks. And this is why I don't; I usually get overwhelmed. But as the holidays are coming, I'm grateful.

Freelance Writers are in Demand

In speaking with two clients (internet marketing firms), they told me they are busier than ever.

You have to market to bring in the work though. If you do this consistently, you will get work -- it's almost guaranteed. I receive emails all the time about how I get work, which was the impetus for the ebook How to Find Unpublished Freelance Writing Jobs. Within, I disclose all the methods I've used for years to ferret out freelance writing jobs.

One thing I can tell you is that "unpublished" freelance writing jobs are so much easier to get because there's less competition. You'll rarely look at a job board again if you market like this.

Now I'm off to kill off some deadlines!

Contact: info *at*
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