Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's It Like to Be a Freelance Education Writer?

Our freelance writing success story series has been revived!

Christine Venzon details how she found success as a freelance education writer. She explains three lessons she's learned, how she got started, how she cracked a very difficult niche -- children's magazines -- and much more. If you're curious about how to become a freelance education writer, read Christine's account. Following is an excerpt:

It's [education writing] one of those overlooked opportunities in freelance writing: not every educational writer is an educator. Sometimes we're as much student as teacher.

I started writing some 15 years ago, right out of college. I'd planned to freelance, fly solo all the way. But after six months with just two bylines, I was happy enough for the quasi-security of a project worker with one of McGraw-Hill's textbook publishing divisions. My first assignment was as a humble researcher for a child care book. I read magazine and newspaper articles and chapters from competitors' books and sorted them according to topic: preschool, parenting, toileting.
Get Paid to Contribute! FYI, has several freelance writing series for which I pay freelancers to contribute. In addition to the success series, there's the A Day in the Life of ... series, the International (working abroad) series, and the Best job/Worst job/Most unusual job series.

I'll publish roughly one contribution a month of those submitted. Log on, read the guidelines and send in your story.

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