Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freelance Writers: How to Find Affordable Outlets to Advertise In/On

Last week, I wrote a three-part series on internet marketing over at BloggingTips.com that’s kind of morphed into an unofficial six-part series. In today's installment, I tell you the methods I use to track down affordable sites to advertise my ebooks on.

If you write and self-publish information products-- or are thinking about it -- you don't want to miss this post.

Where ARE all the freelance writing jobs? The 2008-2009 Freelance Writing Jobs Report tells you. It's a detailed report that outlines all of the "hot" freelance writing niches -- now, and next year as well.

Why the recession is good for freelance writers: Read more on how to use a down economy to snag more jobs, and other useful advice about how to stay afloat in this economy as a freelance writer. It's in my post featured on CopyBlogger.com today.

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