Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Earn $63,000 to $125,000/Yr Writing Articles: It's so possible & here's how

I recently started writing for eHow.com. It’s a community site similar to AssociatedContent.com, another site I also contribute to. I like writing for both sites, because they each offer something unique.

Earn $63,000 to $125,000/year writing simple articles

And yeah, I know $15 per article is peanuts for some, but when you consider that you can write about basically anything you want and that it takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to write an article, that works out to $30 to $60/hour. OR, looked at another way, earning almost $63K to $125K/year writing simple articles. I’ll take it every time.

So, how did I happen upon this gig? How did I get continuous work? How did I make $300 in one day writing for this site? Read on for it all! But first, don't forget to check out the freelance writing jobs below.

Here's to a productive Tuesday every body!

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Today's Freelance Writing Jobs

Answer Questions for Cash ($50 bucks per question): Has anyone heard of this stie before? Would love to hear some feedback (eg, is it for real, or a scam. Proceed cautiously. It’s a shame, but as freelance writers, we really have to be so careful these days.)

Persuasive Writer Needed

“Green” Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Blogger Wanted : Great pay with Residuals

Technical Staff Writer (gosh I wish I was a tech writer; there is always a need for these (hint, hint!)

Blog Editor

Radio Copywriter

Romance Novels Wanted ($200 if manuscript accepted; 5% of successive sales).

Entertainment Site Needs Content ($25-$25/hour)

Freelance Writer

FT Television Writing Gig in NYC (Hey, ya never know!)


Chris said...

Great post!
I'm defiantly going to check out eHow, sounds interesting. I currently publish with Triond . I did the calculation and I think that they are a little more profitable for writer. The facts speak for themselves, Trionds sites rank higher than others on search engines, pay the most, have great PR and your articles will always continue to generate royalties. In my opinion their success is due to the large number of sites they have in the Triond network that eventually end up covering virtually every subject, opposing to AC and all the rest. like I said before, great post and keep them coming.

Yuwanda Black said...

Thanks for the comment Chris. I'm just happy to see that more sites are sprouting up that offer a paid model for freelancers. This is a relatively new phenomenon that's only happened within the last three or four years. Before, it was all "submit for free to get exposure." That model seems to be falling by the wayside.

NOW, what we as freelancers writers need to do is start pushing to get rates raised across the board. That way, we can all make a decent living doing what we love.

Thanks for writing in -- and keep publishing with the forum that works for you.


Michael said...

Hey Yuwanda,

how did you make so much money with article writing? You usually get paid maximum to $2.00 for 100 word. If you get more than that you must have found a great client.

Where did you apply for this?