Thursday, March 13, 2008

5 Rules to Adhere to When Approaching Others to Write for Your Blog

I have a regular blogging gig over at Since I’ve been writing for that site, I’ve received a few offers to blog for other sites. That’s what prompted this post. Before I detail this post though, I interrupt this missive to make an announcement . . . drum roll . . . this blog’s accompanying site received an award . . . is one of The Top 100 Freelancer Blogs. We’re listed as #13, and although the list doesn’t assign value on placement, I believe in cosmic forces working for you. My lucky number is 13 (my birthday is February 13th; because I entered the world on the 13th day, I’ve always thought of it as a lucky number).

FYI, the 40 Days to a Successful Freelance Writing Career series mentioned in our listing starts here.

Today's Quick Tip for Freelance Writers

Tres cool . . . now back to the aforementioned post, 5 Rules to Adhere to When Approaching Others to Write for Your Blog.

Now that blogging is becoming more mainstream, it seems that everyone has a blog and the need for bloggers is growing by leaps and bounds. But, like most things in freelance writing, not everyone wants to pay. And, the opportunities are cloaked in phrases like “guest blogging” (which can be great given certain factors) and the over-used word, exposure, which has become synonymous with “no pay.”

As someone who’s been approached, I outlined what I think is an ideal approach, whether you’re offering a paid opportunity, or not. Read the entire post here. Enjoy, send in your feedback and be sure to check out today’s freelance job listings below.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Today’s Freelance Writing Jobs / SEO Writing Jobs


SEO Article Writer (Caution: I usually don’t like to list jobs from bid sites, but I did so here b/c they have lots of jobs and if you can land one client from them and work out a decent rate for ongoing work, then it will be worth it. Keep in mind though, it may take you a while to land a client b/c there are so many who will work for pennies.).

Article Writer – Mortgage Articles (Proceed with same caution listed just above).

Article Writer (Need 10 Articles)

Forum Poster

Newsletter Writer

Daily Blog & Forum Poster

Home Remodeling Article Writer

Bilingual Spanish Copwyriter

Copywriter (good one to send your freelance credentials in to, especially if you have a portfolio)

Blog Writer

Online Editors

Freelance Writing Jobs from the Public Request Section of (Read more about this here)

Title: For Previous English Scholars/Teachers - Macbeth
Description: I would like an article created which will contain links and descriptions to all the best resources online for Macbeth. Please reply to this request for more info! Please state your qualifications/previous experience.
Price: $50-100
Article amount: 1
Content length: 1000
Subjects: English Literature
Notes: Please reply to my request for more information before you start writing! If you produce an article of the highest quality then I would wish to form a longer term relationship :)

Title: Barcelona & Vienna
Description: We need articles about Berlin & Vienna, Articles below 700 words will be rejected. Max price we offer for full rights is 50 $
Price: $40-50
Article amount: 6
Content length: 800-1000
Subjects: Travel articles about Barcelona and Vienna. Example of topics : Travel information Museums & Attractions Hotel reviews/information Tours & Sightseeing History
Notes: Hope to get some nice articles, be creative ! Thank you in advance for your time!
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