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3 Ways to Double Your Website Traffic in 30 Days & a List of Freelance Writing Jobs

This week is hell week. Remember final exams in college? It was a week or two of sheer hell – back to back exams, papers due and projects to finish. It meant a week of dressing in sweats, pulling all nighters, forgetting personal grooming and throwing your social life to the wind.

Well, that’s what this week is like for me as far as work. I’ve already warned my fiancé, sisters and group of friends – I’m unavailable until Friday at 5pm.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Because I could never abandon you, my highly valued readers. So instead of longer posts, which I’m quite fond of, I will be dispensing a series of “Quick Tips for Freelance Writers” this week. They will be highly useful and relevant – things you can implement or act on right away. And, of course, there will be job listings.

Today’s Quick Tip for Freelance Writers is inspired by the post, Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days from Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes of It was posted on, a blog I read often.

To quickly summarize, Adrian says that he made use of Technorati tags and trackback links to popular posts, and leveraged his existing website. Read the entire article to see how he did it.

The Secret to Using Popular Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase Blog Traffic

Just to give my 2 cents on this, I can second these, especially making use of Technorati tags. Technorati, in essence, does your homework for you. Because it tracks “112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media*”, it lets you know what’s popular in your niche, without you having to do the homework. [*Source:]

You can use this principle to track what’s popular in your niche across all popular social media outlets (eg, StumbleUpon,, YouTube, etc.).

Even though this post was written in December of 2005, I still don’t think most of us (and I sooooo include myself in this group) are aware enough of web technology to take full advantage of it. But, a simple tip like this can make all the difference.

So, log on to a site like Technorati and pull up some popular blogs in your niche. What tags are sticking out there? They will tell you what content users are dying to read. Then, you produce it and you’ll have a popular blog before you know it.

FYI, don’t forget, I will be releasing two new ebooks within the next couple of weeks -- How to Find Unpublished Freelance Writing Jobs and How to Start a Popular, Profitable Freelance Writing Blog. View all of Inkwell Editorial’s current titles on freelance writing here.

I still haven’t completely found my motivation, but the work has found me – so I’m along for the ride. Have a great Monday everybody! (Access list of freelance writing jobs below)

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Today’s Freelance Writing Jobs / SEO Writing Jobs
Note about job listings: I list positions that offer immediate work – and future work. Keeping your pipeline full requires taking a long-range approach and thinking out of the box (eg, sending in your credentials to FT postings). That's why explanations are given w/some listings.

Freelance Writer for Nutrition Newsletter

Article Writer for 50+ Short Articles

Freelance Writer for Casting Website

Editor/Writer (Academic) (good opportunity to get your credentials on file, as if you have the background they’re looking for, it’ll be easy to snag assignments)

Grant Writer (gosh I wish I had this type of experience!; grant writing is an evergreen niche; keep this in mind as you grow your freelance writing career)

Freelance Blog Writer

Copywriter for Golf and Baseball Products Catalog

Ad Writer for Legal Website (If you have samples in the area he alludes to in this ad, this would be a great way to approach him with the idea of writing the ereport/ebook for his site)

Contract Writer for Insurance Industry (if you have experience in this niche, send in a few samples (create them if you don’t have them) outlining what you bring to the table and pitch them on some projects – eg, newsletter articles, website content, client tip booklets, etc.).

Freelance Writing Jobs from the Public Request Section of (Read more about this here)

Title: Barack Obama
Description: Grassroot Organizations in CT and PA Women for Obama People of Faith for Obama Seniors for Obama
Price: $20-30
Article amount: 3
Content length: 200
Subjects: Barack Obama

Title: Articles on Short Story Comps
Description: Details and hints on how to win short story competitions. Different areas of this type of writing can be discussed.
Price: $10-20
Article amount: 10
Content length: 500
Subjects: Choosing a good title. Having a believable ending. The importance of pace in short fiction. Hooking the judge with the first sentence. Any variation of the above plus other areas will be considered.
Notes: Full rights will be required.

Title: Website Content
Description: we are looking for long term relationships with content writers. we design websites are looking for a few people to outsource work to.
Price: $10-20
Article amount: large number - over 100
Content length: 100 - 400 each
Subjects: law firm websites eye doctor websites real estate lawyer websites real estate title company websites more
Notes: please respond and then we can always use private request if you like. we only want high quality writers!!

Title: Looking for a internet person that has inside knowledge of paid online surveys.
Description: Some one that has had problems with paid-online surveys, but has learned all the secrets of making money with online surveys in complete detail. This article will be placed on my website.
Price: $40-50
Article amount: 10
Content length: 400
Subjects: Paid on-line survey problems and how to make money.
Notes: None
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