Monday, March 24, 2008

The Quickest Way to Start a Profitable Freelance Writing Career

I wanted to entitle this post, The Power of One. But, as you have the best chance of someone reading your post when they know what it’s all about, that didn’t make any sense.

So, this post is about the quickest way to build a profitable freelance writing career, but let me tell you how it materialized. Read the entire post here.

Hope everybody had a nice Easter and don’t forget to check out today’s freelance writing job leads below,
Yuwanda Black, Publisher
How to Start a Successful Freelance Writing Career Newsletter
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Today’s Freelance Writing Jobs / SEO Writing Jobs
Note about job listings: I list positions that offer immediate work – and future work. Keeping your pipeline full requires taking a long-range approach and thinking out of the box (eg, sending in your credentials to FT postings). That's why explanations may be given w/some listings.

Freelance Writers, Editors, Artists: Make a Quick $75 if You Live in NYC

Video Game Reviewer/Blogger: $10/Post

Associate writer for non-fiction books and book proposals

SEO Copywriter and Press Release Writer (Great way to get your foot in the door, especially if you have some good writing samples to pass along. If not, create 3-5 and APPLY!)

Article Writer

Travel Writers - Experienced or Aspiring Needed

PT Writer/Copywriter

PT Writer/Copywriter (If you’re a proposal writer looking for ongoing work, this is a good one to get your resume on file with. Even if you don’t land this gig, they have ongoing work and you can continue to check in with them – at some point, they’re going to need your services.)

Freelance Writer Needed for our "eco-friendly" blog

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Director (Even though this is a FT position, these are the types of jobs I apply for b/c it’s a marketing position. This means they have ongoing content needs. I have a background in RE, so it’s a natural fit if they use freelancers (most do)).

Freelance Writing Jobs from the Public Request Section of (read more about this here).

Description: I am looking for a summary and critique of the website
Price: $100-150
Article amount: 1
Content length: 1,250
Subjects: I am looking for a summary and critique of the website
Notes: Primarily focus under the topics \"help for new parents\" and \"Triggers\" for the critique section.

Title: Webkinz Toy Craze
Description: Webkinz are stuffed animal toys for kids, its a recent craze and includes an online virtual world. I need a general article about this new toy. personal experience and information is welcome.
Price: $20-30
Article amount: 1
Content length: 600
Notes: The article must include these keywords: webkinz codes webkinz secret codes webkinz cheats new webkinz webkinz recipes webkinz secret recipes webkinz panda webkinz polar bear

Title: Writers Needed: Online Articles for Ministerial Magazine for Women
Description: CALLED Magazine, the premier lifestyle publication for female pastors & women in ministry, is seeking articles for the phase 2 launch of Please only post excerpts from actual articles that you would like to be considered. Approximately 40 pieces will be purchased within the next few weeks. All pieces must fit neatly into one of our editorial sections, be Biblically inspired, and be relevant to female pastors & women in ministry. Please visit for more information about CALLED and our editorial sections. Simply click on the \"Editorial\" link located at the top of the page.
Price: $30-40
Article amount: 40
Content length: negoitable
Subjects: Editorial Sections & Word Count HER ANOINTING — profiles a female pastor whose journey, challenges, and successes serve as a source of inspiration and insight for other female pastors. Editorial submissions should be 1500-2000 words in length, and be written in an interview format. Photos must accompany submissions. EVERYDAY MINISTRY— provides female pastors with “how to” information that assists them in ministering to their flock. Editorial themes cover a broad range of topics such as Biblical counseling; ministering to men; developing, appointing, and supporting church leadership; overcoming social stigmas associated with being a female pastor; handling church conflicts; and choosing a spiritual covering. Editorial submissions should be 500-750 words in length. FASHION — CALLED readers are fashionable. Our magazine is laced with the latest fashion designs, and offers tips on making affordable and trendy purchases. Fashion editorials offer suggestions on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Editorial submissions should be 300-500 words in length. Photos must accompany submissions. Pictures can be color or B/W, print, or in digital form. MARRIAGE — CALLED provides female pastors with expert advice that enables them to establish and maintain successful marriages. Featured articles answer vital questions pertaining to: balancing the roles of wife and pastor; honoring husbands as the head of a “female-pastor household”; defining the role of a “first gentleman”; and growing in Godly verbal and sexual intimacy. Editorial submissions should be 500-750 words in length. HEALTH — helps readers minimize stress and maximize physical well-being. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length. CHURCH FINANCES — assists female pastors in effectively raising church revenue, and enables them to be wise stewards and investors of their church’s financial resources. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length. CHURCH MARKETING — Effective marketing is essential to growing a church, and positioning it as a community resource. This editorial profiles innovative marketing advice that assists readers in reaching their organizational goals. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length. SPIRIT & SOUL — ministers to the “simply human” side of female pastors by speaking to their insecurities, fears, emotions, dreams, and ambitions. These articles reflect the heart of ministry—ministering to the minister. Editorial submissions should be 500-750 words in length. START-UPS — New churches face unique milestones that require special counsel. CALLED provides this support. Our articles cover every nuance affiliated with start-up churches—from complying with the IRS—to writing a ministerial mission and ordering church furniture. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length. BEAUTY — covers the latest beauty treatments and products that maximize healthy skin, hair, and nails. Editorial submissions should be 300 words in length. REPLENISH — Every female pastor needs to be replenished. This section of the magazine features “simple-getaways” that allow readers to rejuvenate themselves. Features may provide innovative ways of escaping on little or no budget, or profile recommended spas, resorts, and other “getaway” ideas. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length. HOME & FAMILY — assists female pastors in being effective and compassionate women of their homes and families. Articles address creative ways of parenting and managing the responsibilities of their home-life, while serving as powerful visionaries for their churches. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length. LEADING SINGLE — There are unique challenges and joys that are exclusive to single, female pastors. CALLED empowers readers to maximize the joys, as well as overcome the ministerial and personal challenges. Editorials vacillate in style. Sometimes they are uplifting—yet at other times, they are instructional, testimonial, and occasionally humorous. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length. ON THE ROAD — Many pastors operate in other ministerial offices that require them to occasionally be on the road. This section of the magazine assists readers in tackling these multiple responsibilities, simplifying the traveling experience, and overseeing the everyday ministry of their church when they are on the road. Editorial submissions should be 500 words in length.
Notes: Visit for more information.

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