Thursday, March 27, 2008

How to Hire Experienced SEO Writers: Learn from One Freelancer's Unfortunate Experience

This week, I’m doing a Mail Bag Roundup, so to speak. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve gotten quite a bit of mail this week that I thought I’d answer here. That way, everyone can benefit from it.

In contrast to yesterday’s newbie query, today’s question is from a reader who’s a “victim” of her own SEO writing success. But, if you ever find yourself in this situation, it can be downright frustrating, to say the least.

Here’s what she wrote to me. Today’s post is a long one, but a chance to learn a ton. So, here goes . . . (read the rest here).

TOMORROW’S POST: I’m going to update you on SEO Mary, who’s flying pretty high these days – and none too soon. I’m so sleepy right now, I’m trying to decide whether to just take a quick nap, or soldier on through and get my workout in . . . Oh, don’t forget to see job leads below.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Today’s Freelance Writing Jobs / SEO Writing Jobs
Note about job listings: I list positions that offer immediate work – and future work. Keeping your pipeline full requires taking a long-range approach and thinking out of the box (eg, sending in your credentials to FT postings). That's why explanations may be given w/some listings.

$100 Per Article: Magazine Seeking Writers

HR Blogger/Writer Wanted

Freelance Writer for Love Advice Website

$1/Word: Freelance Food Writer (Boston area)

Excellent freelance editing opportunity for college students

Freelance Writers for Internet Startup ($200-$400 for 400-1,000 word articles)

Freelance Writing Jobs from the Public Request Section of (read more about this here).

Need Articles Fast
Description: I need 5 - 400 to 500 word articles that relate to the following subjects: People Search Background Checks Criminal Checks ID Monitors Phone Number Lookups Articles can be tips or advice on how to perform each of these on the internet. Top ten ways to find the above mentioned phrases and will consider other creative and unique ideas for article
Price: $40-50
Article amount: 5
Content length: 400 to 500
Subjects: People Search Background Checks Criminal Checks ID Monitors Phone Number Lookups
Notes: The quicker you can get them to me the quicker I can get money in your pocket. Speed is required with this product and a quick turn around time for all 5 articles is expected. Must be unique articles.

Title: 5 Articles Required
Description: Im looking for 5 articles on the computer related topic of device drivers. Must be original, non plagerised content.
Price: $10-20
Article amount: 5
Content length: 400-500
Subjects: device drivers
Notes: email for more details

Title: South Carolina
Description: "Where To - How To" articles, specific to South Carolina, and the everyday hunter/fisherman.
Price: $10-20
Article amount: 20
Content length: 750
Subjects: 1. Saltwater Fishing in South Carolina 2. Hunting in South Carolina
Notes: Please keep articles short and to the point.

Title: Berlin
Description: We need articles about Berlin, Articles under 700 words will not be considered. Max price we offer for FULL RIGHTS We\'d rather buy full rights then unique or usage.
Price: $30-40
Article amount: 6
Content length: 1000
Subjects: Hotels and hotel reviews Shopping Areas & neigbhorhoods ( Berlin Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, etc. etc. ) Restaurants & restaurant reviews
Notes: Be creative :) Thank you!

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