Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Freelance Writing Job Available

Online media development company is seeking a freelance writer with the following:

(1) with strong grammar & spelling skills; and (2) able to speak fluent English & communicate verbally, to assist in developing an audio program, teaching students how to get published in a variety of medias such as online/print magazines, industry specific newsletters, high profile blogs/websites etc.

We will provide the abbreviated content in a word document. You need to be able to (1) expand & support the content using real life examples; (2) verbally communicate the information; (3) have access to recording equipment.

The audio program consists of 6 components, and approximately 6 to 7 hours recording time. The following is a brief outline:

Developing powerful content for maximum conversion:
- How to slice and dice a single chapter into multiple articles
- How to grab readers attention for maximum retention
- Two simple techniques to turn your reader into a customers
- Knowing the difference between having a focus and a topic allow you to double your result with half the effort
- Transform promotional message into useful content that will have readers beg for more

Finding the right publication to reach the right audience:
- How to find the publications that will reach your target customers
- Who to talk to and where to find their contact details
- 5 crucial element about an publication you need to know before contacting the editor
- How to deal with different types of publications

Maximum your chance of success:
- How to pitch a pre-written article
- How to pitch a story idea
- The proven successful formula to follow when approach an editor that will guarantee you their attention
- How to “name” your email proposal so it won’t get deleted among 100 other proposals an editor receives every single week
- What are the top 10 reasons why most authors don’t ever get a reply from the editor
- How to follow up without getting “black listed”

- What is the best format to deliver a finished article
- How to arrange for a printed copy to be mailed to you once your articles goes to print (print publication only)
- How to catch the editor in a “buying mood” that will double your chance of success for future proposal
- What is one thing that will jeopardise your relationship with the editor

Working with an editor:
- What are the writers that editors hate
- The 5 most common problems you may experience in dealing with an editor and how to avoid them

Maximise your exposure with minimum effort:
- how to recycle existing/published materials for re-use in multiple publications
- what is the reprint and rewrite
- how to pitch and who to pitch for recycled materials
- the best structure to follow when composing your reprint proposal

To Apply, please provide the following:
If you would like to take on the project, please provide the following information along with your proposal:
1. Quote (how much you want to be paid)
2. Time (when you will be available & how many days do you need to finish the project)
3. Work experience (samples of published work & list of publishers you have worked with)
4. Audio recording (if possible please provide any audio work or interview you have done)
5. Contact information

To apply: Please send an email to lei novusdecor.com.au. Replace with @. Further info will be forwarded to candidates were are interested in working with.

Please do NOT contact InkwellEditorial.com about this project. Contact the project administrator directly at the email address provided above.

About Us: Novusdecor is founded 2 years ago, specialise in article marketing. We have been helping consultants and trainers getting their articles published in magazines and newsletters, and we plan to develop a self study course for clients who want to do it themselves. For more information about our company please visit: http://www.novusdecor.com.au/.

Have a freelance job opening? Send it to info [at] InkwellEditorial.com. We'll post it here and send it out to our database of freelance writers, who will respond to you directly.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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