Saturday, January 05, 2008

How Weekend Blogging Can Increase Your Freelance Writing Success

I've been having an incredible run of success in my freelance writing lately. I targeted a new niche -- SEO writing -- that's taken off amazingly. You can read about that here.

I published my 8th ebook that's been my fastest selling one to date. And, my blog and website rankings are spiking.

Get More Weekend Traffic for Your Website/Blog: How Weekend Blogging Can Increase Your Freelance Writing Success

Why am I telling you all this? Because success inspires success. I'm so excited that I'm inspired to blog on the weekends, something I practically never do. But, as weekend traffic on blogs and websites is usually low, why do it?

A post at I read a few weeks ago inspired me to examine this, in spite of the downturn in traffic -- and make it successful. If you're serious about making money online by the way, DoshDosh is a "must favorite" site. It's one of the few I visit on a regular basis.

The one tip I've found to be incredibly true in this post over at DoshDosh is commenting on blogs.

Maki (DoshDosh webmaster) writes: "While many blogs don’t update during the weekend, you can still comment on the ones that do. Focus on those with more traffic and try to be the first few to leave a comment. Make your comment relevant and you’re likely to receive some visitors from others who visit the same blog."

I spent a couple of hours last night posting comments to some blogs and just before I logged off, checked my PayPal account one last time. At 1:20am what did I find -- an ebook order.

Now, can this be attributed to my late-night blogging efforts? Who knows. But, what I do know is that most of my orders are received during daylight hours. A late-night order is unusual. So ...

On Monday, I'll give some specific tips on "late-night blogging" to help you increase your income. I've been doing it for the last few weeks, and have seen some definite results.

Enjoy the weekend everybody.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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