Friday, January 11, 2008

How to Get SEO Writing Work from "Middleman" Providers (Advice About)

This post is in answer to reader Misti Sandefur, who responded to yesterday’s post entitled "How to Set SEO Writing Rates to Make $250-$500+/Day."

Misti commented:

QUESTION: Thanks for the tips. However, I would like to know how you found out who the "middle man" worked for? So far, on all the bid sites where I've read the details, they never mention who they work for, and that's why I asked this question.”

My response:

ANSWER: Misti, I never found out who the contractors worked for -- of course, none will tell you this.

In forums especially, many “middle men/contractors” flat out state that they are freelancers looking for help on client projects. Where they weren't middlemen, they'd just say they were a webmaster building a site on "X" and need "x" number of SEO articles written and were willing to pay "$x".

When I first started to research this niche, I ran across the copywriting forum at Digital Point. This forum encouraged and discouraged me at the same time. Why?

Why There Will Always Be a Need for SEO Content Writers

Well, I got encouraged because I saw that there was a lot of work for SEO writers. And, as content drives search engines, I knew that this was going to be an evergreen profession. Like the telephone, it will be around forever.

While the form and function of it may change, the internet will always need new content. An evergreen need for a service I can provide – well, you can’t get better than that for a business model.

BUT, I was extremely discouraged because of the pay offered. Writing this post, I clicked over just to give you a sample.

Following are some of the rates offered by clients to writers:

Six 400-word articles on acne, wrinkles, aging skin: $3.50/per article.

100 articles ($3 for 500 words) of 500 words each on a specific topic.

Just for comparison sake, Inkwell Editorial (my company) pays $15 per 500-word article (see #2 of this post).

Some rates offered by writers to clients:

High quality article writer, $4 per 500 words article

Original Articles-$2 for 200 words/$3 for 500 words/$5 for 700 words/$7 fr 1000 words

I will write 400 word articles for $8 in batches of 10

I charge $1 per 100 words for articles and $60 per Press Release of 500 words.

Now, for me, these were low. I simply can’t afford to work for these rates. But, I’m not knocking writers who do.

This is free enterprise at work; there were lots of takers for these projects. They may be freelancers with no expenses, or very low ones; be college students looking to pick up some extra cash; someone in debt working to pay off a Visa bill; etc. For whatever reason, these rates work for them.

This is why I say in yesterday’s post, “To be successful in business, you have to consider all components, not just rate.”

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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